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Atap Zincalume Galvalume 1020
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Specification of Atap Zincalume Galvalume 1020

MAJADECK® is a roof, wall and lisplank for commercial industrial buildings. MAJADECK® comes with ZINCALUME®, GALVALUME®, and several color choices for basic ingredients, which are of high quality with various waveforms and thickness variations. That is why MAJADECK® is easy to use and has a very attractive appearance.Majadeck roof can be produced with thickness as follows:
1. 0.25 Tct
2. 0.30 Tct
3. 0.35 Tct
4. 0.40 Tct
5. 0.45 Tct
6. 0.50 Tct
Except for certain types that require minimal thickness and color according to taste.

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